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We need a software able to flag videos on Youtube (desktop application). EXPERIENCED developers only.

– Bot should search videos by keyword or domain (e.g., “blablabla” = search string/keyword). The bot should get all videos by that keyword and put it into flagging list. The software should also support multiple keywords and add this from a txt file
– I should be ALSO able to add a list of videos from a txt file
– The software should have a flagging option to select (for example, I should be able to select what is the reason for flagging – “flag video for “spam – mass advertising” “spam – misleading title”, etc etc etc)
– The software should support multiple proxies (in format proxy:port and proxy:port:username:password) and multiple youtube accounts; also loaded from *.txt file. I should be able to choose whether to use proxies and YT accounts by order or random.
– When all videos from the list have been flagged with one proxy and one account, the software should pass to the next account and proxy and restart the list
– If a video doesn’t exist anymore (you can probably know that from views counts – if you can get number of views/video it’s still exists; if no – it was removed), the software should be able to remove it from the list and pass on to the next video on the list.
– When the flagging list is ended (when the last video from the list is flagged) the software should have an option to stop flagging or to restart the list (I should be able to choose that option)
– The software should also have a support if application doesn’t use YT API (I’ll provide you with login/pass to my account there so you will be able to implement that feature smoothly)
– The software should have a delay between flagging videos. I should be able to set that delay (e.g., 10 seconds, 15 seconds, etc)

I’ll need future updates in case they are required.

My budget is 50-$100 USD; however, I’ll provide a bonus if everything runs smooth between us. I plan to order more bots in the future, however I need to find someone who really understands what I need.

If you have experience in writing bots for YT, this will be a great plus. Please, experienced and reliable developers only.

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