WordPress Install/customise

WordPress Install/customise

This job is based around installing a WordPress site to a domain, and modifying a Woo Themes install. There is no real design changes needed, just some minor structural changes. The owner needs the ability to modify content on pages

Site design brief:

– Using woo themes, the site should not look like a blog at the end, it should look like a static site, with static pages.

– There will need to be approximately 8-10 pages built.

– It will need a blog type section (a news page)

– There will be 5-8 basic plugins to install (Google Analytics, Headspace, Redirection, Sitemap generator etc)

– The URLs will have to be as SEO friendly as possible, so no /pageid=2, the URLs will read domain.com/pagetitle

Please contact me if there is further information required. I don’t believe this will be a very difficult task, however if it is done well, there are other sites that will be required.

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