Php/mysql Dating Script Work

Php/mysql Dating Script Work


We need a programmer to complete a few outstanding jobs on our dating script from AND FUTURE WORK:

Add more chat rooms for flash chat.

We contacted ABK support in asking for help to add more chat rooms within the flash chat, as this script is new we have no knowledge in how to carry this out,

Below is there answer on how to add more chat rooms:

As for chat: to add chat rooms manually you need:
– add name of room in language file;
– add room in database table flashchat_rooms
– edit file _server/flashchat/lang.php.

Both be able to login Admin Control Panel

As it stands we have trouble logging in admin panel, I myself can login to the admin but my partner can’t access it. Any help?

Homepage Wrapping on Internet Explorer.

Please fix the problem on our homepage of the search box text wrapping around the search options.
You see the search text covers the search options, can that be fixed please, looks like its wraping around due to the table in the script not wide enough, and we cant launch with this issue.


We are also looking for a programmer that can offer us full support with this script for future problems that may arise. Due to ABK support not acting upon our support tickets and when they do it takes over 1 week to even get a answer we are listing outstanding work that needs carried out before we launch.

The chosen programmer will be used for future issues and work we need and need to be able to answer our future jobs within 24 hours, please bare this in mind when bidding. Also need to release there email,

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