Build Custom Design Wp Pages

Build Custom Design Wp Pages

The site is

Here they are:

1. A new page template. There is a section of the site called
Athlete Development Zone (ADZ). It will look just like all the rest of
the site except along the top where it the buttons say “bad news”,
“why we rock”, etc. There will be buttons that say:

Assessments, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4. There would not
be a video about the page title (like with the current post set up).

2. Hard Code the following pages to look like the attached wordpress documents (I imagine hard coding the pages is easier than trying to get the wordpress WYSISYG editor to make everything look right.

Bad News
Why We Rock
How It Works
The Core Challenge

3. Currently there is a YouTube video on the top of each of these pages. It needs to be switched to the JW Player
( so that each
page can have a different video and so we can control the first frame
(which you can’t really with youtube videos). I will provide a place holder video for you to use.

4. Where is says “Public Zone / Login” is going to be a new button

5. On the lower right hand side where it says “Under 13 years old?” that whole image needs to be clickable.

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