Update Joomla Comp. Acajoom

Update Joomla Comp. Acajoom

Only bid if you are a Joomla PHP pro and can finish this in less than 3 business days.

This project is to update a single view within component Acajoom Pro within the admin section.

I’ve added a new field to the acajoom_lists table named joborderlistingagent.

I need the ‘Lists’ view on the admin side of the component to add a column named ‘Listing Agent’ to display this value right after column titled ‘List Name’.

In the list edit screen the ability to edit the value of this field should be made by adding field ‘Listing Agent’ under ‘List Name’. The field should be a drop down box of the group of existing values found in table for joborderlistingagent. There should be a ‘Add New’ to the right of drop down with ability to add a new value if necessary.

I’ve attached screen shots of what it should look like (marked in red).

I’ve also attached the only 2 files which I think need editing from the component.

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