Simple Php Script Fix

Simple Php Script Fix

I got a simple PHP Script that post into wordpress.

What posts:

– Google Images
– Blog Search News
– Youtube Videos
– Summary (Plot) from

Well the Script was developed to use into Movie Sites (WordPress)

What i want?

– The summary function is not working well on cronjob. I think because the cronjob settings are saved at bad way…

– Well the summary function works but no on cronjob, because when i post differents posts – always show me the same summary for the same cronsetting.

You can check here:

if you see summary is the same for all posts. need change this and get works.

– Cronsetting are saved into /cronsettings/ folder.

– Also need add more functions from (like actors, genre and poster image)

This is so simple to fix – because all functions are on the script. Just need edite and fix to works.

My max budget is $20
Payment after check you can do the project.

Only PHP Experts!

Need in 1 day.

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