Php Sql Insert & Login

Php Sql Insert & Login
Seeking someone that is 110% fluent in PHP and Smarty Classes & Functions and knows how to write code qucikly.

I need somone that is available to work with me immediately starting right now when I choose your bid to work on this project until complete. Small 1hr job I think, 2hrs at most.

PLEASE comment everything you do and why you are doing it //////////code todo this // code todo that etc etc etc

Please message me via yahoo messanger once accepted so we can communicate quickly and effeciently.

I have already prepped 99% of the HTML and made 100% of the sql tables and fields needed for this job.
I know the logic for everything already and need it programmed to work.
I have very good example scripts so you will understand quickly plus this is normal stuff for websites.

The Project:

customers go here to register ….

we need to give them a unique customer_id and insert all of these fields

`login`, `password`, `email`, `first_name`, `middle_initial`, `last_name`, `phone1`, `phone2`, `phone3`, `drivers_license`, `dl_state`, `ssn1`, `ssn2`, `ssn3`, `dob1`, `dob2`, `dob3`, `security_question`, `security_answer`, `street`, `city`, `state`, `zip`, `newsletter`, `date_joined`, `activationcode`, `account_number`, `txn_id`, `payment_method`, `referred_by`

then I need them to be able to login and send them to page upon succesful login …

that’s it , …insert data from form …check for login and send them to thier account…

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