Setup 3 WordPress Demo Sites

Setup 3 WordPress Demo Sites
I need 3 Websites with wordpress setuped with demo content.

You have to setup demo-content (posts and pages) for 3 wordpress sites, so that the sites display all the functions from the installed themes.

You will get the Theme-Docu to check the functions.

Demo 1 and 2

Must be refer to an german insurance company.
You could take the content from the reference site, or setup the needed posts and pages with “lorem ipsum” (100-200 words).

You must upload related images so the sliders and image functions of theme (portfolio page … ) could be watched.

You must setup a contact form. The contact-form-7 plugin is installed and the themes also supports own contact-forms.

The themes are :

PPC Expert Needed. Profit Sharing 50/50 !@ by cadeicon


Quick Look: Twithawk

3 Site
This will be a site for a bike-company.

You have to do all the things for the first and second site as described.

You have to setup some pages, so this looks like a car-rental system. (Choose bikes, rental-form, …)

You have to setup some pages, so this looks like a webshop (choose categorie with overview, choose product, add to cart, checkout).

All are only demo content, so nothing must be work, but must look like.

The theme is

Using Guitar Amp Simulators 101, Part 3

You have to collect and upload all images.

I will escow 3 Milestone payments, so one payment for each site.

This is a very urgent project.
All sites must be ready on sunday evening.

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