Full Website Design+logo

Full Website Design+logo

We need a simple full html website (6 pages) incluing logo design.

The design study was already made and we want it to be exactly as the attached document.(PDF)


a) On mouse over three horizontal navigation menus, it should make some hoover effect (change color, or vibrate or some cool effect)

b) The logodesign should be placed on the top (as clearly seen on provided attached pdf).It must be a big logo with the domain and some cool design.
This project is an application related with mobile chat/dating.

c)The “refer friends and win prizes” link should open an AJAX lightbox window effect , on top of the site , that will pull/display a URL on it.

d) The black box on homepage, will be an online emulator. Leave it black.

e) As mentioned, full 6 html pages as mentioned on the pdf scrap design.

Please this is an urgent project.


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