WordPress Plugin-news Grabber

WordPress Plugin-news Grabber
I want a wordpress plugin that does the following:

1- Enters this website http://www.mre.gov.br/portugues/noticiario/nacional/index3.asp (in portuguese), or any other similar to this one, and goes X levels (admin defined) deep to copy all the textual information from all the links available.

2- The copied information should be presented in a single, well organized, wordpress post.

3- There should be the option for:
– Automated process: Every X days or X hours, or at the H hour and M minute of each X amount of days the information is gathered and automatically published.
– Semi-automated process: like the one above, but the post goes as a “draft”, so admin should publish manually.
– Manual process: The admin press a button and the plugin does the job, but the admin should be capable of determining if its going to be published automatically or if it goes as a draft for review.

4- Admin should be able to type any text (a single word or phrase) that he wants to be automatically replace by another (including HTML, to transform words/phrases into links).

5- Admin should be able to establish a prefix or suffix for each post title, like:”NEWS OF THE DAY: XYZ” -> where “News of the Day” is the admin chosen prefix words and XYZ is the date, automatically inserted by the plugin.

6 – Admin should be able to insert html before and after the generated content, this is to place some especial AD, for example.

7 – Admin should be able to select categories and tags for the posts.

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