Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Google Maps WordPress Plugin
I need a wordpress plugin that allows me to create a google map pulled from a database. The idea is pretty simple, allow people to place and/or remove themselves from the map. I currently have the map hosted at

I use a google doc form to capture the data and then have to manually enter the address in It is time consuming!

WordPress Backoffice

I would it to have it’s own side panel similar to gravity forms. (For a demo of gravity forms admin panel, please see to login). I have attached a PDF with further detailed instructions on how the side panel should look. This is just a template, you are free to improve upon my general idea(s).

Map Functionality

I would like people to have the option to search for close locations, select a state to see all locations in the given state.

The best example I have found is on the Kaiyaeve website – – This layout is perfect! Since my the plugin will support multiple maps, the top of the page can be edited when I create new map, a field such as “Map Heading” could allow me to change the top. In one example, the “Map Heading” could read, “Search below to find Kangen Water near near you!”. The rest of the page could could stay as is.

Posting into a blog post

Putting a map created by this plug in should be really easy, in fact if it can work in the same manner as gravity forms, that would be ideal. Please see page two of the attached PDF for detailed information on what I propose the option should look like to add a map to a blog post.

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