Travel Site On WordPress

Travel Site On WordPress
Brief on Hotel Site

Phase I:

A travel site built on wordpress platform which automatically offers many features such as adding web posts, adding various tools, SEO compatability, hosting service, admin panel etc. It needs to be customized for the following:

a. Deals on hotels (refer to and user reviews posted by users for those hotels / deals

b. The site will have travel information on all cities of India divided into various heading, subjects and pages. The travel designations will also be categoried on theme basis, such as adventure travel, religious travel etc. Reference – This information can be added by users, on getting published the name of the user will also show below the information published. All information will be published post approval of admin.

c. It will have search and advance search functionality. Search can be made by deal pricing and / or star rating and / or city. It will also have compare info functionality for hotel rates on parameters such as city, price and star rating.

d. Anyone can post information on deals, destinations, festivals on the site which will be uploaded post admin reviews the content.

e. If the hotel for which user is posting a deal is not in our database/listed on site, then a new page should be formed for that hotel and it should be added to our database.

e. The site will have Photographs, 100 words description and 1 video on each hotel.

f. It will have option for user reviews on hotels and deals etc.

g. It will also have google maps integrated with each hotel. You can take API of Google to do so. (if possible)

h. Hotel, travel agent and customers should be able to add deals. Deals will be published post admin approval. There would be an option if the Hotel, travel agent and customers wants their name to be visible on the deal or not.

i. The user should be able to go to the partner site (hotel, online travel agent) to make the booking. (hyperlinking option) However, this should be another window opening, our site should not close.

j. Users should be able to log on to the site to make their own user interface/section. For eg- (we can ask the city/age/sex/ profession of the person / upcoming travel and customize his deals section with relevant deals accordingly)

k. Automated Alerts for subscription by user. Deal alerts will be personalised as per specifications left by the user (parameters pre-decided by us)

l. The site will also have plan your travel option. This would be personalized travel planner which would allow a person to select the deal on hotel, flight, info on destination in one page and save it. He can then share it with his friends and take prints. He should also be able to save his tickets in this one document.

m. The site should be SEO optimized – meta tag, page description, page title etc. However, wordpress does give most of the options. The site should also have cookies, adware and spyware integrated in it for better analytics.

n. The site should have database backup option.

o. Integration of 3 online travel agents to add their deals.

Phase II

1. IMP but OPTIONAL: This will be additional. If you can undertake, let me know, otherwise just revert with website rates and timeframe.

Crawler functionality along with the site which will search ‘SPECIFIC’ travel related information on the web, assemble it in the ‘required’ format (pre-decided by us) and upload it on the site after the admin approves the content.

• A web crawler will collect required information on travel in India posted on various websites – hotel sites, online travel sites, travel agent sites etc.

Crawler should be able to take commands on keywords which it will use for locating information. • Information will be assembled in the format as per the instructions set in the crawler.

• The crawler will have user editing rights. The info will be screened by admin and only then added to website. •

The crawler needs to eliminate mechanical searching of content on web.

2. After launching the site, I am also looking at promoting it through search engine management. Let me know if you do that as well.

3. Payment gateway integration

4. More API integrations.

Pls give separate costing of phase 1 and phase 2. phase 2 will be renewed on experience of phase 1. but i am interested in knowing if you can do phase 2.

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