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I’d like to have a database of past winners of the week. I’d like to have the winner and losers of the week’s ranking, wins, losses, draws and whatever else saved for that week.
So if in week 1, Red had 100 matches, 20 draws, 50 wins, and 30 losses as the champion of that week it’ll be saved for that week in some archive and further votes will be added but not effect the placement of it for that winning week.

The statistics should be saved in a snapshot for archive and the weekly winner, but still be eligible to score in live and statistics adjusted as such in the Winningest of all time page.
And so in all of week 2 it’ll display Red as the champion at the same statistics. Even if the rankings change in that week. When the end of week 2 comes around I’d like the winner of that week displayed, and the cycle keeps going.

The only page difference I would like for the weekly winner page is at the bottom you have an archive link to different date’s weekly champions.

Friday at noon the winner and losers of the week should be posted for the entire week until the next friday. On the bottom of each page there should be a dynamic list of past winners/list of losers.

Minor detail, on the winner of the week and all time winners/losers of the week I’d like each image to be 125 x 125, simple.

In the backoffice I’d like to be able to edit the database statistics (votes/wins/losses/draws)

Last one I don’t know if it’s so simple. Facebook has a similar application. When someone submits an image I need an even squared image. The image they submit should be able to be cropped to a square size of their choice and submitted. The user should be able to resize and crop.

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