WordPress E-commerce Portal

WordPress E-commerce Portal
Need 2-3 programmers to work as a team to build an WordPress MU driven ecommerce portal for association that wishes to provide for its members a webpage + shopping cart/payment gateway functionality.

The Association has members who provide their products to retailers. They wish to give their members the ability to upload products and take orders for them either via credit card or on account.

The site must provide the following as a plugin functionality to WordPress Multiuser.

* Ecommerce Catalog, Shopping Cart and gateway for each individual user. Preferably as a wordpress MU plugin
* Automated signup process for Members plus purchasers ie similar to wordpress.com new blog routine with the addition of creating
* WordPress website for each member ie home page, products pages with order now functionality, promotions, events, about page etc
* Ability to centrally manage all members with reporting functionality to see how many orders, $ value
* Ability to measure orders and write to online accounts package via API ie Freshbooks, Saasu or similar to measure and account for the users.
*Invoicing functionality to send invoice totals to Online API accounting package for monthly fee + any commissions for the products sold/processed.
* Ability for Member promotions, events and new products posts to be fed into the main portal (like posts are on wordpress.com)

You will be paid weekly for work performed. Project is expected to last 3 months and you will be required full time and have no other commitments.

Please bid per month per person in $USD and provide examples of websites you have built specifically wordpress driven community sites.

Please provide your time zone and country (we are in Australia)

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