Comments Messages Writing

Comments Messages Writing

I want some 4-6 liners generalized comments to post on automated blog commenting software. Each comment should contain minimum of 5 lines. ( more the better, but not more than 8 lines) . The comments should/can contain variables ( variables means the comment would automatically pick the relevant text from the software)


Where %TITLE% means the title of the blog post I am commenting on,
Anchor text means the keyword I am linking my site too
Keyword means the word I typed on google to get to that particular blog
Admin email is My email id.
Day is the date on which I am commenting.

I need 5 unique and different comments each for these niches. ( so total 30 comments)

1) Gemstones
2) Spiritual
3) Meditation books
4) Pregnancy
5) Article rewriting
6) Seo Software reviews or seo software

Remember that we are commenting on blog where we do not know what the blog is about , so the commenting has to be very smart and precise and generalised. So that it does not get into spam by the owner and at the same time it should look meaningful.

Comments like , wow! Your blog is fantastic. Keep posting. etc etc is all spams.

I hope you got my point.

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