Amember/1shoppingcart Expert

Amember/1shoppingcart Expert
I am looking for someone who is an expert with 1ShoppingCart / Powerpay / / aMember to help set up multiple domains with multiple products.

Each site will be developed in WordPress. I currently have a WordPress site developer I am working with that may be involved in the resulting projects.

Some products/domains will be one time purchase (digital delivery e-books, audios or e-book/audio combinations). These are very simple, with a sales page, a thank you (delivery) page, and standard Privacy, Terms of Use, and Sales & Refund pages (total 5 pages).

Some products/domains will be subscription (varying membership levels with different price points and different levels of access). My vision is for the membership site access to be determined by the level of subscription. For example, the “Basic” membership (Free) will provide access for a defined period of time to a specific current product (audio or digital). A higher level of membership will provide access to the current product, plus all historical products (audio or digital). In both levels the subscriber will NOT be able to download the products, only view/listen to them while logged in to their respective membership area.

I would also like the products (audio and digital .pdf) to be available for download by separate purchase – one price for basic or free members / a different (lower) price for paid members. One price for audio only. Another price for .pdf transcript only and a third price (something the customer can’t refuse) for both the audio and .pdf transcript).

A third subscription level will give the subscriber access to both audio and digital files with download capabilities for all current and historical files.

To manage the membership site, I intend to purchase aMember through 1ShoppingCart for the membership applications.

All products (one time purchase and recurring membership) will have affiliate programs that will also be managed through

I will also utilize the UpsellExpress feature withing 1ShoppingCart to consolidate products in an upsell. For example, they purchase the audio product for a given price. The 1st upsell may be to get a downloadable .pdf of the transcript. The 2nd upsell may be to get a CD and hardcopy of the transcript.

At this point, I am still defining project scope and working on my vision for the websites, but I am looking to make contact with qualified vendors. I am interested in finding out more about your experience and capabilities.

I intend to define, post and award the above in a minimum of 2 but not more than 3 separate projects. My intent is to award to a single vendor. I would like to complete all projects not later than February 15, 2010.

Please provide experience on similar projects as well as references. I am also looking for budgetary estimates (a range is acceptable for now) for the defined scope.

Please post your comments and estimates through the PMB with the terms “I know what you want for your sites” so I know you have read and understand this scope of work.

I will “award” the most suitable vendor of my choice $15 for submitting their best proposal / references for this scope of work. I will invite the top 5 proposals to bid on the projects throuh Scriptlance. Once I make an award for the first project, my preference is to award all future projects to this vendor.

If you have any questions about this specific project, which will pay $15 for your best proposal/references, or any future projects I intend to post/award through scriptlance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you!


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