Leads Management Site – Php

Leads Management Site – Php
we are imitating site eleadz [dot] com
l: jsmith321

it is a site where mortgage leads are sold to users.

watch video:


1. ‘applicant’ info is captured on site such as amerisave [dot] com

2. ‘applicant’ info is displayed on user-interface at eleadz [dot] com

3a. ‘user’ must deposit funds at site in order to view complete info of selected ‘applicants’
-otherwise, only some fields are visible
3b. or ‘user’ may select the individual ‘applicant’ information to purchase

4. ‘user’ can select to be notified of new applicants by different search filters

5. ‘applicants’ are separated into 2 categories (basic / premium), premium will contain more fields and will be at a higher price than basic
5b. ‘applicants’ info can be sold to upt o 5 different users
5c. ‘applicants’ info can be sold “exclusively” to 1 user, and then will not be available for purchase by other users (the price for this is higher)

6. ‘applicant’ info can also be entered manually into the system by ‘admin’

7. ‘user’ can set notification options (copy eleadz format)

8. ‘user’ can submit a dispute by entering the ‘applicants’ id number and submitting a form (copy eleadz format)

Please quote secret word “mleads” to be considered for this job.

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