Convert Wp Theme

Convert Wp Theme
One of my sites (with approx. 3000 pages) is built upon the WPRemix template. I use approx. 8 different templates from the WPRemix theme.

Since the WPRemix theme is so system (PHP & MySQL) intensive, it is putting high loads on my server and I believe I could alleviate much of this by moving away from the WPRemix theme.

The task would be to receive FTP & WordPress Access to my site, and create a new theme that doesn’t use all the WPRemix bloat. Much of the CSS could be recycled and all the images already exist. The new theme should refer to relative URL paths (not absolute) so that it can be re-used. All site functionatlity must operate exactly the same in the new theme so excellent knowledge of WordPress, PHP, and MySQL is needed for this project.

Please give accurate estimates and detailed turn-around times.

The website can be previewed at

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