Php Student Loan App + Crm

Php Student Loan App + Crm
Develop a PHP app + CRM to handle a student loan system. From the application form / filter & selection / communication and reporting / payment balance control.

We are a not for profit organization which provides flexible loans for college or graduate studies (a student gets a loan and after graduation he repays it based on a monthly fixed percentage of his salary) We want to update our current selection and monitoring system to a new one which comprises roughly the following processes:

a) Applications
1. Candidate applies via online application form
2. Based on predefined criteria the candidate is rejected or pre-approved

b) Selection
1. Documents are requested to pre-approved candidates
2. Interview is scheduled and candidate is evaluated on certain criteria
3. If approved a contract is generated with repayment conditions

c) Monitor
1. Student starts its program and is monitored on a periodic basis
2. Student updates its program status (Transcripts, reports, feedback, etc.)

d) Control
1. Student finishes the program and starts repayment schedule
e) Report generation
1. Reports/Stats should be able to be generated based on different criteria according to the stage of the process. Ability to export data and user’s data to Excel.

Debugging and warranty period
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/Postgres, PHP) environment
GUI Web 2.0 feel/usability (Ajax, JS) WITH vTiger LOOK AND FEEL!!!
Use CSS files (W3C standard)

– Should be prepared for Multilanguage using translation files (lang_spanish.php, lang_english.php)
– Frontend and Backend interface, different access levels (ie: users, admin, superadmin)
– Dashboard: On each user’s dashboard basic statistics should be displayed such as: upcoming activities and personal calendar, system news, messages, etc.
– Thumbnail generation with preset width/height for user uploaded pics and documents
This project could be based on top of vTiger, SugarCRM, Joomla, or other similar application to take advantage of CRM/CMS features (calendar, messaging and communication, ticket, helpdesk, etc.), but we are open to other options/proposals.

A complete overview, functionality requirements, data schema, UI mocks & summary of deliverables will be provided in the full brief. This project will be one of several happening throughout the year.

– Must have demonstrated vTiger/sugarCRM/Joomla development experience
– Fluent in English (communication is key)
– Must be able to commit to deadlines

All interested developers please submit a summary of rates, experience relative to the job & where possible an example of previous development work. As mentioned we are looking to form a long term relationship.

The project will commence as soon as the developer is selected.

NOTE: Further detailed information plus a graphic workflow attached in PDF.

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