WordPress With Graphics

WordPress With Graphics
Looking for a good wordpress and graphic designer who can make unique designed blog website. The job should be easy for someone well versed with WordPress customization and use of Photoshop.

I could have done this myself but just want to try out the if I can partner with someone for future projects.

If I am satisfied with the price and work…there will be more work on way.

Now please read carefully the below requirements and reply back to me with your proposal.

Please refer the code word “XMA” in the subject line. Else your quotation will not be considered.

The website I intend to make is based on “extra marital affairs”. WordPress and relevant plugins are already istalled on my domain server. I have the thesis as well as another premium theme installed. However, you are free to use any of your own or customized.

I do not have a fixed idea of the site but I leave it to your imagination and idea. However, the below page layout need to be maintained.

The top portion above the header should have the page links created like 1) Home, 2) Marital Affairs Products, 3) Marital Affairs Books, 4) Marital Affairs Community, 5) Contact Us

The other page links just below the header/logo need to be:

1) Marital Affairs
2) Causes of Marital Affairs
3) Cheating Spouse
4) Emotional Affair
5) Surviving Infidelity

I’d like to see an image slider at the first page which will hold relevant images based on the 5 above tier 2 pages. Also the above pages need to be created as category.

I leave it to your imagination to suggest me the best use of the sidebars. I’d like to use CPA, Affiliate offers and also Adsense for monetization.

The site need to have Sitesearch, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Bookmark, Digg, Stumble Upon icons somewhere prominent.

The graphics and the look n feel of the website will be the main criteria.

Interested bidders may send me your offers with any similar design or even I’ll aprreciate and prefer those who can provide me a rough jpg of the proposed template layout of your idea adopting my theme as specified above.

Please do mention the time required.

If you need more clarification about the project please feel free to ask me.

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