Website Design- Script Linking

Website Design- Script Linking
Hi there,

Here is what I am looking for and what needs to be done.

1. I am looking for a Top Notch Web Designer who is an expert in
(PHP, HTML, Flash, MySQL, Credit Card Payment (Paypal) Linking, and Script Install).

2. I need a “Top Quality” work done on my Website Project.

3. The job needs to be done within 3- days to 1- week Max.

4. If you are NOT an Expert and Know what you are doing, then please do NOT contact me.

*Here are the things you should know about the project and what I want:

1. This project have been worked on by another designer, but I did not like his work.

2. *I WILL provide the winner an actual “Fully Customizable “Template” to use and build my Website according to my specifications. In other words, you do NOT have create any Template. Rather, you need to plug-in the Content, Pictures, Video’s that I want, and Design it Well.

3. The Site has already been Built Out, it’s about 6 Pages. You just need to take the “Current Content, Pictures, Video, etc” and plug it in, the (New Template), which I will be providing you.

4. You also must “Link” our (Paypal) button to, so it work “Correctly.”

5. You must link the (Membership Script), which is on the Current Web Site now. If you can’t do this, no problem, I will have my other Coder do it.

6. You must execute or finish this project in less than a week. But, since I am providing you all the (Content, Pictures, Video’s, Template & Guidance), this project should not take you more than 3-4 days tops.

7. I have a (Back Up) file, just in case you screw up the Design.

*Please Note:

I know “Exactly” what I want and don’t want. So, this should be a very straight forward project. But, you MUST be a “Detailed” person, who “Knows what he/she is doing.”

Listen, what I am looking for is a “Professional Web Designer” that is very “Experienced” and “Can Deliver” what I want. If that’s you, then I want to talk to you.

*Bid wisely and competitively, because if you are good and can deliver what I want. There is lots of work I can give you, because I consult many “Small Businesses” within my community that need Web Design and Coding work.

Looking forward to seeing your Bids and working with you.

Best regards,

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