Skills Required: PHP, WordPress, phpBB3, MySQL, Linux

Projection completion date: April 25, 2010

Using opensource for modules which need to handshake with a codeigniter site. The site is membership based wih 4 levels of membership with privileges and limitations – posting blog/moderate blogs, forums, and/or events. Developer also needs to credit member’s account in membership with reward point member’s activity.

Developer also needs to interface with current membership provider to make sure that memberlevel and status is validated for privileges prior to allowing member access to blog, forum or newsletter. FAQ (Help with Live Chat) does not need any validation. Anyone can see it and open a ticket. Help has a ticket system with autoresponder. Opensource Help Desk Opensource software can be used here, as well as, for blog, forum, news and newsletter – with photo and video upload or embeded.

Web 2.0 design to compliment current website in development. URL need to be SEO friendly with no extention. Protect databases from sql injection.

1. Blog using wordpress
2. Forum usiing phpbb3
3. FAQ (Nested help with categories and subcategories and live chat)
using opensource faq and live chat software
4. News with Newsletter –
– Show News which may include Newsletter sorted by date, category and subcategory
– Has an ecommerce component where certain members need to pay to send newsletters and others can send one free per month, and pay for others if they send more than one per month.
– The mailing is sent to the site’s inbox, as well as, their private email.

PAYMENT: No upfront payment.
We set amount to each task, work is done on your server, once completed and uploaded to my server, re-tested and approved, I pay you, then on to the next task.

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