Joomla Event Registration

Joomla Event Registration
This is what I have going on. I am a big fan of joomla CMS for my clients. Currently there is one component and it’s modules I am trying to customize for a client. It is for reserving fishing charters. I am using Event Reservation pro (GPL liscense) from and it is nearly complete.

What I can do is set up a ftp for you to get all my current source files for the project. This will include my current joomla install and components being used. I will send you a sql to import to your db so you will have exactly what I have. This is so you can set it up on your server to get what I need done.

My current production site is and here you can get a rough idea of what I am talking about.

I have attached a pdf to browse the areas of problems. Maybe we can treat each problem as it’s own project for you to quote out?

The first 4 are the priorites! The winning bidder will also be the one who can complete this the quickest as our client is getting impatient with this after us trying 4 different components. This component we are using is the closest we can get with only having to solve these 5 problems below.

1. In mini calendar it separates by category but when date is chosen it displays all categories. We need to show only that category and event that the mini calendar is assigned to. The other module next to it displays correct. So maybe you can get the other module to display as calendar instead?

2. After an event is booked, it needs to be removed from all front end views or either marked some how, maybe in red and not yellow for avaible as it does now, as not available from the start and not after clicking all the way into registering for the event, as it does now. basically it seems available right now but when user clicks through and trys to book it shows unavaible. It just doesn’t make sense?

3. I need to sort booked events in the backend. Currently it just sorts by title of category or date and so on. Not only booked events.

4. Can we implement an audit trail? Currently when logged in and a user is added to an event manually the details show “added by” admin. No matter who does it, it always says admin? We need to know (2)two things. Who created each event and who added users to an event, by method of username from jos_users preferably.

5. Collecting partial payments and showing balance owed. Basically a deposit system.

Thanks for your interest in this project!

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