Mods For Headway WordPress

Mods For Headway WordPress
Happy New Year!

I am using the developer version of Headway WordPress theme to create an artist’s website that would be a prototype for other artist/photographer sites.

Such sites are typically clean and simple so that the work can speak for itself. This is an example of the simplicity of many art/gallery sites:

The current site already has a design, but I’m looking for someone to fix some bugs on the current Headway installation that I’m working on:

* after an image is deleted, then an upload is done, this error occurs and no image is actually uploaded: “Error: The photo you are trying to delete does not exist.”

* Gallery resizes images even though crop/resize boxes are unchecked.

* issues with the current frontpage rotator where the image area stays white when you first visit the site.


*Install a contact form using

*Headway allows the creation of multiple galleries. Complete the gallery setup to show different categories (see gallery structure attachment.) I can do this myself, but I’m tired and lazy. 😉

I’m looking to work long term with someone who knows wordpress in and out. I will need to see examples of work.

For this project, the winning programmer will make sure that all aspects of the site are functioning properly.

If you are not clear on anything please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

In the long term, we will work together using Headway to build other websites.
If you pay attention to detail, have a friendly attitude and a good work ethic, I think we can do some good things in the future!

Other Things:
1) I know how much these projects typically cost, so please don’t overbid or I won’t take you seriously.

2)I really appreciate programmers who aren’t afraid to contribute their 2cents to projects.

Thanks and I hope 2010 is going well for everyone so far!

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