Simple Embed Script

Simple Embed Script
Need a simple embed script. Users can ad page by submitting a title and the embed code for the media. Once

submitted, the page must first be approved by the administrator before actually being created. If approved, page

gets created and is now searchable from the site! The main key is that all the codes are different, they wont just

be youtube codes, but many many different sites – so the user needs to be able to just paste the code in and have

it work. Other scripts i’ve tried only let you use certain supported websites and are a major hastle to use for

the visitor. I need the user to simple be able to put a title and an embed code in and have a page created and now

searchable from the site.

User side:

Main Page:
The main page just needs to be the site logo, above a search box – Exactly like Google’s main page layout. There

just needs to be a link to the embed a video page. I’d also like some simple stats like: Number of pages created,

Number of new pages today. It would also be cool to show the top 20 viewed pages and maybe a search cloud. A

browse all pages by a-z page would be cool too, but not necessary if it’s difficult.

Ad Embeded Page – page that lets visitors put in an embed code , a title,

and a description for that page. If approved by admin, script creates a page with that embeded media on it. Page

creation/titles should be SEO friendly like A random number/letter

combination could be used somehow to prevent douplicate names being a problem. I need to be able to edit how the

page with the embeded media on it looks easily (edit/change advertisement codes etc). There should also be the

voting side of the “Does it work?” rating system on the page created. There should also be a “Flag this video as

dead” button which adds to the flagcount on the page in the manage existing pages admin panel. Should make it so

each IP can only flag or vote for a does it work on a page once every 24 hours.

I need users to be able to search all the created pages. Title and description should be searched. Additionally,

there needs to be a “does it work” voting system. Users can vote while watching the embeded content. Just a “Yes”

or “No” answer. Ex. if 6 people said “yes” and 4 people said “no” it would show as “Does it Work? 60% Said Yes”.

There also will be an image to the left of the results that when 50% or more people vote “yes” the image is one

color, and if 49% or less say “no” it is another color [a different image, the same just a different color].

Results also need to show views (How many times that page has been visited),flagcount, and the date added. Users

should be able to sort search results by title/date added/”does it work?” rating/flagcount.

Admin Side-
Need to be able to view all pages waiting to be approved, and view/edit/delete all existing pages.

Manage Existing Pages:
Organized in a table – All the links that exist. Should be able to sort by title, url, views,IP address of

submitter, date created, “does it work” rating, flagcount. Would be nice to have maybe 20 results per page and

checkboxes next to them with a “delete all checked pages” feature. Each result should also have a “delete” and

“edit” button to delete or edit them. Admin should be able to easily search through the pages and edit/delete


Managed Pending Pages:
Should be similar to the manage existing pages panel, but it shows the submitted pages waiting for approval. Admin

can select whichever they want, and select “approve selected pages” or “deny selected pages” [deletes entry].

If you can do this, bid now 🙂

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