Php Site W Mysql Cms

Php Site W Mysql Cms
Site Built – PHP + MySQL CMS

We need to have a website built in PHP with a custom built MySQL CMS.

The design of the site has been created. See attachments to get an idea.

The site needs to be uploaded to our host.

The pages to be created are:

Front Page

Front Page Random Display of content in 3 fields on the bottom.

Random video displayed in main window.

About us

Text with 2 windows to the right introducing 2 people. Links from these two opens in new windows.

Testimonials – this opens to a testimonials page. This can have text testimonials, or videos.

Media Page. This opens to a separate page.

Contact Us forms. Entries from this goes into database. E-mail to go out to notify us.

Tool Box

This page will have a lot of video materials. They need to be organized in categories and we need to be able to upload them, add text and place them in a category. (the categories are in the red lower field.

Videos should open on a separate page.

This page also has a subscription form. Data from this needs to go into the database and e-mails sent out to notify us.


This page has a text field and three boxes with text and images on the right hand side. Links from these opens on separate pages.

The Game

This page is very similar to the tool box page except the right hand side will have a live feed of golf events worldwide.


WordPress blog integrated. Should be editable from CMS


Listings of products and sorted under categories. We need to be able to upload and describe the products through CMS. Shop linked up to paypal.


Search function

Attach google analytics code.

Social media links on all pages (tab on lower right hand side)

CMS (custom made)

Store names from all forms etc.
Ability to edit text on all pages (rich text)
Ability to upload and change images and videos. The videos will also have a text field on the side.
Ability to upload shop products and set prices

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