Date/time Php Script 2

Date/time Php Script 2
Please understand my project very carefully. I am from India and business is based worldwide like USA, UK, Australia and many more.
I have CMS website, which has front end for Customer use and Backend(admin panel) for my use.
First of all Understand about my business.
I make Designing Projects.
Customer login at my website and Places a order form in front end panel.

Then I check their order form at my Backend panel.
Now Please see what I want.
Suppose My Customer from Chicago,USA post order on my website at 4 pm according to their time zone and in India that time is 3 a.m.

Now the trick is: Whatever Activities customer Perform in front end panel. Customer must see those activities according to their time zone. Customer Should see 4p.m. of chicago(USA)
and From Backend I should see both times( Customer front end time and backend time) 4 pm and 3 am so that I can do my work according to my time.

For this I have Country,State and City database(Full Source code) for help but it is without Timezone code. You have to add timezone source with it.
I will also show my front end and Admin panel for persons who are interested, Please post bids only those persons who are expert in this type of project.
If you have demos, most welcome.
I also posted this earlier but my website was under construction that time.
Please contact me interested programmers

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