Chat And Blog To Add 2 Website

Chat And Blog To Add 2 Website
We need two things

1 A chat integrated with our website (the website is up and running). You can use the free php chat software that is out there (for example or BlaB! IM 1.1.6 from or any of your choice.

The chat must have the following features.
User must be logged in the main website
Three chat functions
a. Private chat…one on one only. Initiator chooses who to chat with
b. Modulated chat. Modulator chooses who to get in the chat room. There can be many users at the same time.
c. Public. Any one can join and leave the chat room at any time at will.

2. A blog feature integrated in the website. We prefer wordpress software available free of charge here But you can use any program of your choice.

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