Php Problems 2

Php Problems 2

I have a website that uses .php script to upload files to server.

I had a second hard drive was mounted to take large uploads.

All was 100% but when doning work on website i have caused the uploading to second server to fail now.

I have three problems.

First its not uploading to the second harddrive now.

The flash progress bar has stopped working on any uploading .

The Crontabs has stopped working on the second hard drive but that is probaly not a
problem if the website was connecting to the second hard drive.

What i was trying to do to mess it all up was when uploadig large files of 700mb to the
second server they kept failing 80% of the time.
So when trying to work this out i messed up as usual.

Please you would need to have very good knowledge of .php script to do this.

Please do not bid on prodject if you have not.

This is an easy job if with good knowledge of .php so do bid if not.


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