Add WordPress Dynamic Sidebars

Add WordPress Dynamic Sidebars
Im using a wordpress theme called dovetail. It can be downloaded from (

It has one dynamic sidebar activated. The second is the ad-banner type space at the top not yet activated. (see functions.php file when you download the theme)

The project involves:
1)Activate the second ad-banner add and show me how to deactivate it in the future when in not running adds anymore.

2)Add 3 more dynamic sidebars and show me how to add more sidebars in the future, and deactivate them if i wont be using them.

I work with html but I’m limited with php. Based on discussions i researched, It seems to be pretty straight forward, i just can’t figure out how to add additional sidebars on my dovetail theme. Some related topics on adding dynamic sidebars:

Adding multiple sidebars (and other elements) to your wordpress theme


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