Template Cutting Project Pdf

Template Cutting Project Pdf
I have a template that I have designed that would like you to cut for me following some very specific directions

1. I want the template to be a php template
2. I want the template to be split into a header.php, body.php, footer.php
3. I want the header.php to have two parts to it top.php and buttons.php
4. I want the buttons to have a roll over effect
5. I want space in the body.php to be a place for html text that has a scroll bar on the side and fixed left to right.
6. I want the template to have a maximum width of 780px
7. I want the background image to be as shown
8. I want the template centered on the webpage
9. I want to be able to change the image at the back of the logo
10. Area outside the 780px has the same color as the inside of the content area

header.php has two files top.php and buttons.php

top.php has the following:
all items above the buttons

just has the buttons
make the roll over effect nice

has the content holder with scroll bars up and down and fixed left to right

I have attached a copy of a sample blank jpg template that you will use, i will provide a better resolution layered pdf

Note: For cutting i will provide you a better graphic
Note: For cutting I will provide you a better graphic

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