Article Published In News Site

Article Published In News Site
We have regular work for someone who has inside contacts with an online journalist, editor, or newspaper anywhere in the world.

Can be small countries, 3rd world countries, doesn’t really matter.

The jobs requires getting small articles published in ONLINE media with a small photo.

( NOTE: None of the articles we provide are political or critical in any way. All facts we provide are verifiable too.)


(1) Must appear as an ONLINE article on the website of a REAL Publication.

By REAL, we mean fairly respectable news website with an actual history of being a news website. Newspaper, Journal, Trade Journal, Magazine etc….

We ARE NOT interested in Blogs, DIGG etc..

(2) The actual link to the online article must be PERMENANT.

(3) English language Publications are preferred but not esential if you are prepared to translate it to your language.

If you know journalists on the inside, we have good work for you.

* DO NOT Bid over budget

* DO NOT bid without providing us information of the website where you intend to get our article published.

This is not a “Press Release” Job. We pay PER article published.

Do NOT bid unless you can get an article published in a website right NOW.

This job will be with ESCROW. Job is paid on completion.

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