Paypal Integration Php

Paypal Integration Php
I have a website that allows user to send paypal payment to other user. Best example would be

1. User A can create an Event, and specify multiple tickets level with different prices.
2. Then other user B can buy however many ticket he want with different prices.
3. The total is then calculated, and user B click on ‘pay now with paypal’ and it will be redirected to paypal website
4. user B can now pay directly to user A for the total amount calculated.
5. After user B paid, user B will go back to my website, and my website will know which ticket and how many ticket user B purchase and issue the ticket accordingly.

What I need is just the paypal integration. So i need someone to:
1. build a simple table to keep track of ticket type, and the price for each ticket
2. build a php page to display ticket list and quantity asked
3. calculate the total and generate paypal button
4. send payment to user A paypal sandbox and return to the site and the system must know precisely which and how many ticket the user B bought.

Paypal experience is a must, please pm me with all of the paypal portfolio you’ve done

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