Adult Verification Oscommerce

Adult Verification Oscommerce
I need an adult verification module in my oscommerce store. I only need it for certain categories, and I will have more than one adult category that it will apply too. I should be able to go into admin and turn on or off certain categories to have the adult verification ability.

I want the verification to be in the form of a lightbox, white and slightly transparent, pop-up that will block the client from fully seeing the page underneath. Small edges around the pop-up will show where the page underneath will still be visible to client. This should show the FIRST time the client enters an adult category or product in an adult category OR if the client has already entered the store before and wants to view an adult category or product in an adult category.

It will say some basic disclaimer info like ‘This page contains graphic content of adult nature. You must be 18 years of age or older to view this page. By selecting ‘Yes’ below you are agreeing that you are of at least 18 years of age and agree to viewing this content. Otherwise you must select ‘No’ to be returned to the non-adult area of the store’. Then we will have two buttons, ‘No’ (Red) and ‘Yes’ (green). If the client selects yes, the message will go away and the client can view the product or category that they were trying to view. If the client selects no, they are instead redirected to the home page of my store.

After the client sees this message once during a session and selects ‘Yes’, they will not see it again if they view another adult category or product in an adult category. However, if they selected ‘No’ before, and they try to view again an adult category or product in an adult category, the adult verification pop-up will show again.

You will need skills in php, javascript, oscommerce, and possibly ajax.

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