Drupal Wysiwyg Help

Drupal Wysiwyg Help

I need help.

I made a site in drupal, set up tons of things.

So my problem is when i go in to edit something in the wysiwg editor, i have the options to edit font, size,color and even insert images via img assist.

I have tried wysiwyg editor with the plugions and i have tried stand alone wysiwyg editors like fckeditor(ckeditor).

and again i have the option to edit fonts,sizes, colors and images and in the editor i see the changed i have made but when i go to save the output on the actually website is plain borning text, the most i can do i bold.

Please if you can help, lets get this fixed.

please mention your experience and what you think the problem is
i am a developer myself but im fed up and looking for help.


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