Text Tool Module For Shirt Osc

Text Tool Module For Shirt Osc
I need a text tool module to lie on my product_info.php

I have a t-shirt shop using oscommerce. I have an ajax shirt switcher on each product page. In addition to this I need a button that says ‘add text’. When the client clicks this button it will bring up a lightbox popup with the text tool module.

On the left side we will have a long blank grey space and on the right side we have a control panel with various options. Here the client can select from the first dropdown box which will be text size, second bropdown box the text category, and third category will be the fonts that are dynamically populated depending on the category. Each font will be listed as ‘sample text’ and be displayed in that font style in that third dropdown box. Then below that will be a color pallete where the client will choose the text color (default will be black).

The client can type words in the grey area on the left side and depending on the options on the right side it will change the font, size and color. Then we have a ‘Save Text’ button when the client is finished choosing their text. The lightbox pop-up will close and we will see the text displayed on the shirt. We will need this text displayed also very small right under the ‘Add Text’ button and a tiny ‘Cancel’ button where the client can delete the text and a tiny ‘Change’ button where the client can open the text tool module back up and make changes to the existing text. Also, we will need a way to position the text on the shirt that is displayed.

Here is a link for an example product in my store, so that you get a better idea.


The ‘Add Text’ button can be place below the shirt and above the section that says ‘This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 October, 2009.’.

We will also need to add the text (if any) to the shopping cart information once the client selects ‘Add to Cart’.

You will need skills in php, ajax, oscommerce, and possibly flash.

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