Market/web Research 3

Market/web Research 3
Need someone to do market/web reaseach for a given topic about users in/relevant to india and come up with a spreadsheet with the following columns – product/service name, who will pay for it, realistic price per unit they would be willing to pay, unit of sale (per month, per item etc), approx profit margin per unit. Some of the info can be obtained by your own thinking (and the prices may be just your own judgement) while some can be obtained by looking at what other companies in these fields are already offering. A systematic way to do this would be to think first of all the user groups/segments that may be interested or related to each of the topics and then figure out what services/products they would need. There are no restrictions what so ever as to whether the products/services are physical or digital, their feasibility etc.

Initially posting 3 separate projects (“internet”, “home – including but not limited to real-estate” and “automobiles”), each awarded to different party as a test. Future projects will be allocated to the best of them.

Here you are bidding for market research on “automobiles” – specifically for the potential users in india or users outside india who may be interested in the “automobile related services/products in india”. Please see separate projects for the other two topics.

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