Php/mysql Script Modifications

Php/mysql Script Modifications

we are looking for a fast responding and quick working php programmer. He has to be available in instant messanger to discuss project.

He should be experienced in mysql, and forms. This project is for the modification of some existing code, so very good php/mysql knowledege is needed.

– one task would be to edit few lines of php code where a regex/match to a certain string is made and make some modifications to it(which we will describe in detail) but nothing big. takes probably just a few minutes. —> please see attached .php file (ereg_replace(‘[^0-9]’, ”, str_replace(‘+’, ’00’, )

– there already is a mysql database which is used for signup/user db and so on, and a second one which is on another server (other information). When a user signs up the php creates entries on both databases and they are shown in the user login area.

what we need is:
a form (easy because there are already templates/easy code) where the user can save certain values which will then be saved into the second database only.

Also some script/code relies on one database, but we want it to be compatible with the second one. So we need some modifications before entering the data to be sure it is valid.

Also 2-3 small fixes of the existing code but overall the project will not take you more then 3 Hours of work.

We want just some quick work for like 2-3 Hours. Please make your bid for this time. We will be available all the time (MSN/Googletalk) to give any advice, and we are also experienced a bit in mysql/php to help with some details if unclear to show examples.(but not experienced enough to do it ourselves)

Thanks for your bid.

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