Product Selector For Magento

Product Selector For Magento
I would like a new way of selecting a product on the front end. E.g. to find the battery that matches a certain device.
A customer would select:
– Brand (e.g. Canon)
– Device (e.g. fotocamera)
– Model (e.g. DC50)

After each selection, The final selection (here DC50) leads to the selected product (here: the replacement battery for a canon DC50 camera). See attache image for an example.
Note: the list of models can be quite long (100+); setting up an attribute value for each and every model would be quite cumbersome. One solution could be that you would be able to enter multiple values for one attribute;
e.g: MODEL: DC50 DC60 DC70 DC-44 DC 777. this woule be a text attribute in which the new product selector could search for the selected model (e.g. DC50).

The selection shoud be ipmlemented SEO friendly and should be independent of other search/selection mechanisms. Meaning: if you browse to to category Canon via Magento’s standard menu, you should still be able tu select Fuji in the new product selector and vice versa.

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