Resellerclub Api

Resellerclub Api
(1) I need to integrate ResellerClub API for Domain Name Registration for my website using PHP.

Please READ the following links to get more information regarding this API interface:

(2) Prior experience in API programming / ResellerClub API /Cpanel API integration will be a definite advantage.

(3) Payment terms : 100% payment will be made once the project is executed successfully.

API integration would include Domain registration, webhosting and all the other products that ResellerClub offers are necessary.

There is only 1 Integration needed in ResellerClub: Domains.

This is the functionality I require:

I would like new users to be able to sign up for a new domain after searching the availability of the domain they wish to register. I would like them to be able to register the first year for free and thus no credit card would be required to register the domain initially.

I need an area in which the user can manage their domain making account changes, dns, view expiry, etc. I would like them to be able to renew the domain in this area as well; putting in credit card info and payment when the expiry time approaches.

Once the domain is registered, I need the domain to be added to my Cpanel. The domain created needs to create a directory for this domain and copy a php file from another folder to this new directory.

This needs to be tied into my existing members site which I user session variables to verify their login information.

This is a simple and easy task for anyone that knows what they’re doing

Thank you!

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