Movie Flash + Database Mysql

Movie Flash + Database Mysql
I need a Movie Flash that access to my mysql database to show latest travel offers avalaible.
– Movie Flash must show date of departure, name of the tour, net price, pictures of the travel, image if is a special offer, name of the hotel, category and meal. I need in the future the possibility to add others fields.
– I’d like, if possible, as standalone movie (.exe).
– The Movie Flash must contain slide text, beautiful effect and transiction. It must contain picture transiction too.
– 5 Mock-up template-style (it’s enough just the image to start) to choose from.
– 4 Template size: 1280*720 / 720*1280 / 1980*1080 / 1080*1920
– Unlimited revision of the movie until I will 100% satisfied.
– I need the possiblity to admin the movie (from a text file it is enough) for example time of refresh offers from the database.

The demo site where take data is

The movies will be displayed in tv-monitors.

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