Landing Page Generator Script

Landing Page Generator Script
I need a lean PHP script which has an interface that does the following:

1. Allows me to paste a list of up to 150,000 keywords into a text box

2. When I click “Generate” the script automatically creates a directory (in a path I define) and a .html web page named with each keyword on my site. For example, if the keyword is “hard drives” the script will create New pages are created for new keywords or are overwritten for existing keywords each time I click submit. In other words, a duplicate page should never exist.

3. The script will create pages using my own html header and footer templates

4. The script will allow me to insert the “keyword” anywhere in the header and footer templates as a system variable.

5. Other system variables will be “Previouskey” and “Nextkey” which are simply the URLs of the keywords that appear before and after a keyword in the list of keywords.

6. I should be able to define up to 100 additional variables and attached several synonymns for each. For example, A variable named “verb1” would have synonymns (start, begin, go, proceed) The synonymns should rotate randomly when pages are created with the related varibles are inserted.

7. I need a way to scrape search engine results or other content to insert on each page as a variable. For example if the keyword is “hard drive” then I want to scrape and display the search engine results from for a search of “hard drive. I need recommendations and ideas on this item.

8. Script should produce a sitemap of all pages it creates.

This doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to be robust and fast.

Preference will be given to any programmer that can provide a crude demo on their server.

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