Clone Image Site

Clone Image Site
I need a clone of the website: f u k u n g . n e t

Please check the site out and note that this needs:
1. The ability to use the left and right buttons on the keyboard to go through the collection. “Access keys: shiftkey – random, left arrow – previous, right arrow – next”
2. The functionality of the gallery in ‘recent’ (note the order of the images from lowest (first uploaded) to highest (last uploaded).
3. The site being cloned doesn’t store ‘title’ data about each image. I would like to have this stored as a field int he database, then used on the title of the page and also the header of the page.
4. I need some kind of back-end functionality to update the site. I would like this to function so that I can upload a lot of content at once (say 5000 images with ‘titles’ in bulk) then have it published each day using a cron job. This cron job would post say 10 pictures each day from the original 5000, so it would update automatically every day for 500 days.
5. Also please note the RSS feed functionality and the tags.

Please ensure you visit the site and see the functionality and understand it prior to bidding.

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