Upgrade My Sign Up Form

Upgrade My Sign Up Form
I need my sign up form located here upgraded and bug free.


1. Fix the bugs.

There some major bugs in this script. I need it thoroughly tested, all the sloppy code removed, and for it to be tested in both Firefox and IE. It has to work perfectly 100% of the time. Here are bugs I know about.

BUG 1.

The code has some major bugs on this page.


I can’t replicate this bug every time, but it DOES happen. I have seen it many times, and it is happening tonight, but I can’t pinpoint what is causing it. Other people have also reported this bug to me. I’m praying it happens for you. If you can’t find it, just re-write it. 🙂 It has to be fixed.

In the first step, there is some ajax code that talks to a mysql
database to see if a username is available. Well sometimes, when it
says it is available, but you press “create my account”… an error
will come up saying username isn’t available… even though it is.

The error will even sometime happen after the “Choose Your Account Type” step.

BUG 2.

Sometimes the captcha box stops working. No matter how many times I type the correct word, I always get it wrong. Others have also reported this.

2. Add some fields.

A. Change “Full Name” into “First Name” and “Last Name”. 2
different lines.
B. Add DOB field with select boxes. Month/Day/Year . Display
under the “security answer” field.
C. Add Gender field in select box. Male/Female. Should be fine
next to DOB field, if not underneath it.
D. Add Zip filed text box. 5 digits. Probably will look best
under the DOB/Gender line.

You will have to add some cells to table in mysql database to store
this additional information.

3. Remove this page from sign up form. (step 2)

Choose Your Account Type

4. Send the users to smileymedia, and back again.

Right after step 1 in the sign up form we need to post the variables from our upgraded signup form to
smileymedia. Document attached. Here is my url…


AND then we need to be able to receive the user back. You need to give me the url to give smileymedia to send them back too.

Also… The mysql user database we use to check for
username availability via ajax isn’t the real mail server that handles
the authentication. We just use this so the mysql/ajax automatic
check works. Currently, the user is setup after they choose a “plan”, and we then post fields
to an external server to setup the account. You will see how its done in the code. Don’t want to post internal server info to public webpage.

Well we can’t pass the password to smileymedia, as that would be really insecure… So I need code to be adjusted to have them setup on the external server before they go to smileymedia. It is easier this way, and no reason to wait to set them up until after the user gets back from smiley media.

Once the user gets back from smiley media, just send them to our current final page.

Misc Project notes…

The most important thing with this project is finding the bugs and fixing them. I need this signup form to work 100% of the time, and be perfect. Therefore, I need some quality work done.

I also need this work done VERY quickly. I really need someone to complete this work within 18-24 hours from now.

Message me with any questions.



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