Need Somebody To Gather Quotes

Need Somebody To Gather Quotes

I’m looking for somebody to gather quotations and sayings for a database I’m building.

You can deliver the quotations and sayings in a comma-separated text file containing as much as possible of the following:
– category name (eg: Famous quotes)
– author (eg: George Washington) [if possible]
– author-info (eg: birth date, date of death) [if possible]
– quotation
– any other relevant info (eg: where the quote came from, name of book, lecture, etc) [if possible]

If you know of somewhere to download a big ready-made database of quotations I can put into a database that would be great.

There are many websites online that have quotations, you can use those but you must include the url where the quotations came from.

This is to make sure that we don’t have duplicate quotations in the system.

With your bid please send me the following info: when you can start, how long it will take, the word ‘understood’ so I know you’re not a bot, how many quotations you plan to provide, any questions you may have.

There is no programming necessary for this project, I just need the info delivered in a plain-text comma-separated file.

I will choose the most realistic bidder with the best price for the best number of quotations delivered.

You will only get a bad rating from me if you can’t deliver as promised in your bid, otherwise you get a 10 rating from me.


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