Sure Bet

Sure Bet
I am looking for a sure bet website very much like to be used in conjunction with approximately 46 different bookmakers (some XML feeds provided or perhaps pull data live or one odds feed), with the possibility to add more bookmakers.
The prog should operate on games where there are 2 results i.e. Win or Lose and also games where there are 3 results, i.e. Win, Lose, Draw & handy cap arbs.

It will also have the bookmakers odds, stake calculator and currency converter (automatic currency exchange update). And the ability to select other bookmakers for the same arb trade just like .

The prog should automatically with a click confirm, place all of the required bets in the bookmakers account or can be done manually (automatic preferred).

The arb should be updated every 30 seconds.
It needs to cover all two team or competitor sports
We need a private section where user can access through our web site by clicking member login in.

Pls PMB me demo link s with your surebet demo with useranme and pass in order to test it.

Generic messages and messages without demo link will be totally ignored.

I am not interested too much for design but mostly for surebet scraping mechanism.

Thank you

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