Penny Auction Project And More

Penny Auction Project And More
If you have demo or real work available will be great plus!!



The deliverable of this project must be “Ready to Run” auction website. I expect a reasonable design and stylish outlooking (templete is fine) to make the website look more professional. Prefer to create a heavy loading/traffic/transactional auction web site (from 1 to 2000 user at the same time)

Two main requirement: (you can quote me seperately for these two site, if you like)

1. Penny auction like (I prefer this style)

2. Event sale website like (the basic is people can hold a limit number of items say three at once for less than x mins, then they need to decide check out or not. Otherwise, the items on hold will be released sepeately when the time is up.)

Other basic requirement:
– Able to integrate or combine several auction types in the same site (at least: penny auctions, seat auctions, lowest & unique auctions, traditional auctions & reverse auctions.
– Graphic design for the new brand to be used in the new web site.
– How it woks video. Similar to Swoopo or Scriptlance tutorial.( this is important)
– Customizable design templates. A few of templete to select (more the better)
– Accounting module. Review accountancy. Interface with professional accounting software.
– 100% Open Source.

Optional function: (you can tell me if your quote include those options)

1. SMS bidding ( You can see this function from , if you are not sure what I mean)
2. Discussion board or blog for users to leave comment
3. Tracking system for users to track their package in their account menu. Option for auto-updating the id and partial tracking number to a certain place is better to convince people some one do win the auction.
4. Coupon code generator to manage promotions.
5. Support tranditional/simplied Chinese font (not the system to be Chinese)
6. Two or three revisions within 15 days or mutual agreement for improving the site.

More details in the attachment if you are interested in helping me.

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