Vbulletin Site Transfer

Vbulletin Site Transfer

I need to transfer a large forum from one server to another. There are approximately 10GB of files and the database is about 1GB. You can wget them between servers.

However having done this myself I encountered various MySQL errors on the new server. I have been unable to resolve this. Speaking with vBulletin support we’ve identified a possible issue involving the site files being a different version of vB than that of the database. I don’t really understand though why the site functions fine on the old server. I suspect that however we are transferring the files/database may be problematic.

Backing up and restoring via mysqldumper gave an error however using mysqldump and restoring via SSH appeared to work fine although it may be supressing errors.

The homepage would not display and gave the following database error:

MySQL Error : Unknown column ‘lastprefixid’ in ‘field list’

We resolved this by running:

However the admin panel is still inaccesible, throwing another error:
MySQL Error : Table ‘vb.bookmarksite’ doesn’t exist

You will be provided with root login details to both the old and new server. It is important that you do not make any changes to the old server as that is where the live site resides. Only use the old server for making backups.

Finally, you will need to transfer the database twice, firstly for debugging and resolving the issue at hand and secondly just prior to us making the site live (repeat solution) so that the data is current.


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