Website Update Phase 2

Website Update Phase 2
Hey guys,

We are back with a great project. The only urgent thing we need is the flash video on the home page within a day. The rest is not urgent.

The look and feel of any following modifications has to be exactly the same as our website: same font, same size, same colors, same design, same look & feel, same everything (for those who do not understand what I just said, please do not post your candidacy).

In Landing page (Home page):

1- remove Section “Strategy for Selling” and ” In the News” , replace them by the new corporate video (/video/corporateflash.swf). See the attached picture called “video emplacement highlighted.jpg” to get the idea of video size and location.

2- Move Section “Strategy for Selling” beneath Michael E. Porter’s Biography on the following page

3- “In the News” Section has to be moved below Outsourcing Services section (in same page)…

4- Make sure the two lines in Home page (the one above Your Return On Investment) and the one above Outsourcing Services are leveled.

The Return on Investment tool
5- should be framed.
6- title should be leveled to the title Outsourcing Services
7- title should have same colors as other boxes in page
fields should get the appropriate format and size ($ has only 2 decimals, etc.)

Contacts page:
8- Email pop up is not working properly (if you want to try it out) and colors doesn’t mach
9- “Join Our Team” title is blur and should be leveled with Hot Strategy box (see the other pages)

10- The 3 certified logos at the bottom of each page point to an URL, but when moving cursor over them, it doesn’t change to a finger pointing cursor (need to be fixed)

11- Shrink banner… Tell me what you suggest, but right now, everybody only sees the banner and text is not showing up. We were thinking about shrinking the banner grey zone at the top. We have all the original pictures for banner. The one on the website have been modified and now our logo is blur (has to be improve)

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