Website Uptime Graph Software

Website Uptime Graph Software

This gentlemen has these nice little up time graphs for web hosts throughout his website. See the green graph about 2/3 way down?

Example of it embedded on his website:

I’m looking to implement something like this on one of my projects. It looks too nice to be a custom solution. Anybody know what software or service generates these type of stats?

I can’t pay for a full custom software solution to make this work, as my budget is small for this project.

Yet, I will gladly pay $20 to anyone that can either find the software/service he is using… OR if you know of a way to do it really easy using already available tools without me having to do a lot of programming.. I will pay for those tips too.

I have done quite a bit searching on Google, and can’t seem to find any ready made solutions or tutorials on how to do this.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.



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